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ontario, london

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to dab or to take a huge dab !! ;p

About Me :

to make qualtie concentrates for canadin medcial paitents that have no res left on the nail n that are fully purged and tast just like the flowers they came from.

Fav Strain/s: :

og kush, purple kush, green crack, ssh, and so many more !

Fav Glass Piece: :

liquid double honey comb with zach p lets dance oil dome

Fav Glass Brand: :

toro, pako,nish,nice glass,zach p,

Fav Glass Blower: :

pako and nish jajal

Fav Music: :

dubstep, and rap

Fav Video Games: :

mw3, blackops 2

Fav Movies: :

friday n growing op

Fav TV Show/s: :

south park

Fav Munchies: :

ile eat almost anything when im high

Fav Cereals: :

nesquick all the way

Fav Restaurant/s: :

the Bellworth house.