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When Fate taps you on the shoulder, you'd best pay attention. Unfortunately, she has the blasted habit of tapping you on the opposite shoulder.

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Greetings all, 49 year old father of two here. Been smokin' for 38 years and growing for 20. I teach Comparative Theology at OSU and am a recognized Goði of the religion of Asatru and a Desert Storm Vet ( Marine Corps). I live in the great ( conjectural) state of Ohio, home of Hookahville! Anything else ya wanna know, ask my wife.

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Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, Northern Lights, Skywalker OG

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TOOL, APC, Flaw, Stevie Ray Vaughn and lots of older rock.

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Elder Scrolls Series

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Cool Hand Luke, How High

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True Blood, Weeds

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Honey Dipped Corndogs ( el cheapo kind)

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Cap'n Crunch

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Anywhere Indian