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With what little time we have we must...

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Long time toker-30 yrs-switched from smoking to vaping 3 yrs ago-then found oil and dabbin. Too expensive in a non med state so I enjoy mostly flowers w/ the occasional dab. I am in the fight of my life w a pain clinic that tests me because of the opiates I sometimes need are highly regulated in my state-

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nycd/tangerine barnies/

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Naby oil rig-inline

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old rock/folk/metal/older rap/coffee house music

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Gears of War-123/COD/MOH/borderlands 2-all on XBOX

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Unforgiven/Training day/Falling Down/Castaway/Good fellas/Scarface(all)

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Dexter/Weeds/American Horror story/SurvivorMan/Giada at Home/No Reservations/Nurse Jackie-the list goes on...

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peanut butter cups-or anything peanutty choco...

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as long as it good quality-I eat it props to my local fav italian place-you guys are like family-thanks!