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I am on this Site because I am interested in Growing Cannabis.

Fav Glass Piece: :

My Sovereignty Straight tube w/ Diffuser Stem.

Fav Glass Brand: :

4.0 Prolly.

Fav Music: :

Lots of STufffffffff.... Radio head. Sebastian. Postal service. STP. Sublime. Led Zeppelin. Justice (cross album not later) just to name a few.

Fav Video Games: :

Border lands 1 and 2 is good but fuck all the problems with the xbox edition. Modern warfare 1 2 and 3

Fav Movies: :

MoonWalker. Men In Black. The Avengers. Lock Stock and Two smoking barrels. Jiro - dreams of sushi.

Fav TV Show/s: :

Tv sucks I don't watch it. If I do I'm watching the news. For me the news is the Daily Show or Colbert Report.

Fav Munchies: :

Organic Food. Thai Food Traditional Style. Dove Bars