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"Bubby man bubbys gonna be so pissed" Saul-Pineapple Express

About Me :

I am 18 years old I used to live in colorado with a recommendation. Unfortunatley I had to move to the Midwest, but that still hasn't stopped me from staying medicated:-)

Fav Strain/s: :

OG kush, Blue Dream, GrapeGod, Afwreck to name some

Fav Collective/s: :

Boulder Vital Herbs. They were so good to me as a teen patient

Fav Glass Piece: :

20 grid stemline with custom heady toy machine slide

Fav Glass Brand: :

Sovereignty, toro, zob, singerstation glasswork, Illuzion glass

Fav Glass Blower: :

Zach P., Salt, Alex K.

Fav Music: :

Tunechi for President!

Fav Video Games: :

MW3, Skate 3, Forza 4, Mx vs. ATV REFLEX

Fav Movies: :

Pineapple Express

Fav TV Show/s: :

AMA Motocross, Nuggetry TV, The CCC420

Fav Munchies: :

Soda(vice), grandmas salsa, anything lol

Fav Cereals: :

Frosted Mini Wheats

Fav Restaurant/s: :

Peters Beer House, Colonge Germany