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When the rich wage war it's the poor who die. --Jean-Paul Sartre--

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Hi I’m McDabbers I hail from the "mountains of Michigan" I’m originally from Oregon and I miss it dearly I don’t care much for punctuation but I’ll try to do my best. I mostly dabb but I like to get down with a flower sesh, followed by a dabb sesh of course. I used to play bass guitar, but i mostly longboard and play Xbox. My favorite strain so far is Mendo Purps x Sour Slut... hard to do a review it’s gone before I realize but it appears a new Lemon Og kush may threaten its title

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Cannoisseur collective - a shelf above the rest

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euphoria glass matching dome n bubbler combo

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don’t ask me i cant afford the glass I want

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he just does lampwork makes pendants and dishes but mandella glass nices guy iv met so far

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Task Rok. and a whole bunch of electro stuff....